March 5th, 2015
Author: Barry Clavir
Why aspiring IT leaders need a reality check

If you’ve worked in the IT industry for any length of time, you’re certain to know at least a few accomplished technologists who became project managers, directors and even CIOs, only to have their careers subsequently stall. In many instances, these IT leaders are bright, friendly individuals, liked and respected by their teams and co-workers. So why did their climb up the corporate ladder come to a sudden halt?

IT knowledge, intelligence and people skills aren’t enough to ensure promising technology leaders progress through the corporate ranks. IT leaders who want to grow their careers need to learn essential business skills such as understanding how to communicate IT solutions and concepts to non-technical executives, knowing how business processes work outside the IT department and understanding how to create and manage a budget. As CIO magazine noted in its 2014 State of the CIO Survey, IT leaders who want to be perceived as true business peers rather cost centre managers need to have a complete understanding of how their companies work and serve their customers.

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