March 12th, 2015
Author: Barry Clavir
How to avoid using IT jargon (and why it’s important!)

Cutting out jargon terms from everyday language will help you collaborate and engage with peers across your organization

Getting your point across succinctly is an important skill for both emerging and established leaders, but it can be a particularly tricky skill to master for those in IT. Because of the technical nature of the field we often use vague terms and language in an attempt to explain something to non-technical individuals, or simply to make a point. While those in IT might know enough about the underlying technology to make sense of all the jargon, it’s often lost on everyone else.

Another reason these terms sneak into our everyday vocabulary, especially as we grow into leadership positions, is the pressure to “sound smart.” In reality, using a lot of vague terms is simply a way to lose the attention of your audience. Making a clear business case without using jargon terms is the fastest way to collaborate with other leaders.

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